Pellet barbecue grill – ideal for outdoor barbecuing

Pellet barbecue grill – ideal for outdoor barbecuing

When it comes to energy supply, pellets already play a major role. In many homes, old heating systems with oil tanks or gas tanks are being replaced with pellets. Their advantage is that they are made from wood waste. This makes them a sustainable fuel with a much better CO2 balance than gas, oil or coal. Now they are not only conquering the boiler room, but also the campsite and barbecue events.

Why the pellet barbecue is becoming more and more popular

Barbecuing in the great outdoors or even wilderness is an extremely fine thing. After all, where else can food be prepared with an open fire using copious amounts of smoke. Barbecues with pellets are ideal for this. Unlike gas, they can be transported safely. Compared to coal, their use is much more environmentally friendly. In addition, the price of pellets is usually relatively low because wood grows again and again and does not have to be mined with heavy machinery. Much less effort leads to much lower costs for the heating material.

For this reason, it is a simple matter to transport the barbecue. It can be used anywhere. When camping on holiday, simply take it along in the caravan. For an outdoor barbecue in the forest or while fishing – absolutely ideal.

Particularly noteworthy is that the open flame is perfect to ensure any kind of food preparation: baking, braising, smoking, roasting. There is hardly anything that this grill cannot do. All in one – universal use, that is its greatest strength. Experts predict a great future for the pellet grill. Only solar energy would be more environmentally friendly.


Pellet grill – what advantages does it offer?

Besides the fact that its eco-balance is excellent, the pellet grill offers several other advantages:

Professional appliances are ideal for preparing larger quantities of food. Some types of meat need to be left in the oven for hours. In this case, it is possible to make all the settings directly on the grill and then leave it alone. It continues to do its job during this time without any problems.

Then there is another point that is interesting for gourmets. When it comes to wood, barbecue fans have a gigantic choice of varieties: cherry, oak, softwood – whatever their heart desires. Each variety is able to put its own special stamp on the food. You could say now that it doesn’t matter. But it does. Connoisseurs of wine, whisky or rum would immediately protest. They know very well that wood has a noticeable aroma of its own. This not only refines the bouquet of fine spirits, but also has an immense effect on the taste of steaks and ribs.