New ideas for making more money

New ideas for making more money

Times are changing, the world is changing, and so is the economy. And that even massively. Again and again there are innovations and developments that one would never have expected before. Such progress is also taking place in the financial market. In the last few years, investments have become possible that no one had previously thought possible. Of course, this also creates impulses for asset management. We show the most important developments.

High Class Collectibles

There are things for which it is absolutely clear that their value will increase over time. The only question is how much. Old basketball cards, for example, are one of them. They are a great investment opportunity, as you can se at and other markets. They are small, but they can be immensely valuable. New cards rather less so. But some have been around for a few years and are already worth a lot. Buy a few of them. Basketball collector’s cards can be stored away well. Just leave them in the safe for 10 or 20 years and then sell them for twice as much.

Luxury goods – watches, bags and jewellery

Poor people often think: Why do millionaires spend so much money on bags, rings or watches? Surely the money is then gone? But that is not true. Because wristwatches in particular are coveted collector’s items. A glance at quickly gives you an idea of why this is so. The technology, the material, the look – these things are durable and have a value. Vintage products in particular often command incredible premiums on top of the original price. There is also a book about this: Treasures In Time… “How to Profit Collecting Vintage Watches” by E.J. Kelly. There, the author explains why wristwatches in particular are so good for making a profit as an investor.


Blockchain technology has made cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, Litecoin – and all the others – possible. The prices of these purely digital currencies have developed magnificently in recent years. Many people have become rich with them. Today, they definitely belong in the overall portfolio to a certain extent.

P2P – Loans

There is no longer any interest for citizens in the bank. Nevertheless, enough people still pay some on loans. Clever entrepreneurs have thought: Why let the banks grab the money? Why not set up a portal where borrowers meet directly with investors and do business there? Huge portals like Bondora, Mintos, Twino or Robocash have emerged. Of course, a risk analysis is more difficult for the investor on such a site than for a bank. But on the other hand, the investor can spread money over the broad masses and only put tiny amounts into loans. Even with relatively manageable risks, returns of 5% and more are easily possible on such platforms.

Public deposits

There are portals where investors can expose the transactions of their securities accounts. It’s a kind of Facebook for financial jugglers. Rankings are also drawn up to show who is celebrating the best successes. Whoever does this well in the long run must obviously be excellent at his job. That’s why interested people can take the portfolio as a model and then recreate the transactions. With some sites even automatically. Here, too, asset managers could invest in a way that makes sense for their clients.