Holidays in the Swiss mountains

Holidays in the Swiss mountains

Once you’ve been to the Alps, you can’t get away from the sight. Many people think of skiing holidays and masses of snow. But a holiday in the Swiss Alps can be a special experience, especially in summer. Here you can enjoy nature with everything it has to offer: Mountains, forests, lakes and great snow in winter. Everyone should try it once.

Visiting the Alps in summer – highlights

I grew up in a region where mountains were not part of everyday life. For me, they were only ever interesting for the fact that they had snow slopes to offer in winter. However, when I once went on holiday to the Alps in August, I had the impression that it was even more beautiful. There is a lot of beautiful accommodation there, such as the Fiesch Hotel – all of the highest standard. There are also lots of guesthouses and holiday homes.

I was particularly thrilled by the sight of the mountains in the Alps. Especially as a city dweller. When you stand at the foot of a huge rock and look up, you can feel how powerful Mother Nature is. Hardly ever before have I felt so small.

We chose a mountain with an altitude of over 1,000 metres and hiked up. The view alone is pure relaxation. So much forest, meadows, animals, streams – and all in the most beautiful sunshine. It was only a short holiday of 5 days, but I have rarely felt so refreshed before. Sometimes I think sitting on a bench for 5 days and just looking around would have a healing effect on any psyche.

What I also enjoyed was a ride on the mountain railway, i.e. the cable car. Of course, it feels a bit queasy in the stomach at such lofty heights. But the courage is rewarded with an incredible view.

Visiting the Alps in Winter – Highlights

There are not many sports where Switzerland is among the world’s best. But the fact that ski jumping, biathlon and other winter sports are among them is not surprising. Winter in the Swiss Alps is just wonderfully rich in snow. There are perfect snow slopes for skiers of all abilities: Beginners, advanced, experts and also for total maniacs. Children as young as 4 buzz around you on their boards. Hardly anywhere else in Europe is it possible to experience such great downhill runs.

The infrastructure is perfectly developed and well prepared to offer crowds of people a great experience. There are plenty of ski lifts and equipment rental shops. Everything you need is on site. It is definitely a holiday at the highest level.