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Goodbyefornow 5044167 is no longer being developed.

A big thanks to everyone who has visited the site and utilized its pages over the past year. In, I set out to create a fun hobbyist site to share my thoughts and create useful resources for those who shared my enjoyment of firearms, reloading, and the outdoors.

Sadly, life has become too busy and my attention is needed in other places of life. But it’s not the end..

Someday I hope to return and continue my plans for Bullet-Blog, find other to help contribute to the site, and expand it for others to utilize, engage with, and enjoy. For now, the site will remain intact as you see it.

I will leave a form below for those that are interested in returning to this site someday. For those registered to the site, I will maintain the current email list for a hopeful future release. If you wish to opt out or be removed, you can use the form for this as well, or simple delete your account.

If you love firearms, reloading, the outdoors, or anything of the sort, I would love to hear from you. To be successful, a site needs members, moderators, and folks to help with writing articles, who are willing to share their stories, and offer feed back… mostly just to give back to those in the community.

I hope to hear back from you all again in the future. Until then, my attention is needed elsewhere. Thank you again to everyone that bothered to comment and check in on my progress. I hope to see you again in the future. Until then..


January 2016

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