Switzerland – ideal for outdoor holidays in the mountains and nature

Switzerland – ideal for outdoor holidays in the mountains and nature

If you have set yourself the goal of seeing the most beautiful mountains and forests in your lifetime, then Switzerland is the ideal place to go. Because there are some of the most beautiful landscapes available in Europe for a holiday in nature. We will show you some of the possibilities for outdoor activities.

The mountains of Switzerland

You could confidently say that the Alps make up about half, or at least a third, of the Swiss landscape. There you will find fantastic ski areas where you can enjoy the pleasures of winter sports. In terms of infrastructure, the region is considered one where gastronomy is found at the highest level. One example among many is the Hotel des Alpes in Fiesch. In the middle of the mountains, pure luxury, a landscape like something out of a picture book. There is hardly a better place to relax.

The forests of Switzerland

For those who enjoy hunting, the forests of the Confederation provide a good environment. Because here hunting is not a privilege, it is basically considered a right. The prerequisite for this is a number of permits that you are allowed to obtain specifically for a stay.

Visually, one is reminded of the Canadian mountains. Here, however, it is not so much the bears that run in front of your shotgun. Instead, there are red deer, roe deer, wild boar, foxes, badgers, ibexes, chamois and marmots. If you have already hunted in other countries, you will get to know some new species here and will have to come to grips with the appropriate strategies.

Camping and outdoor

Mountains and forest are of course also the ideal combination for those who like hiking or pitching their tent outdoors. They can equip at alpinloacker.com and then start the adventure. Countless excellent places for this are available. Visitors have a choice in terms of altitude. There are moderately ascending slopes, but also huge mountains that can be climbed on foot with a hike.

Fishing and angling

As if Mother Nature had not already done enough for the country. No, in addition to the beautiful landscapes, she also gave them a number of wonderful mountain lakes. There is Lake Geneva, Lake Neuchâtel, Lake Thun, Lake Lucerne, Lake Zug and many more. These are bodies of water of a truly proud size. They are clean and clear.

Even for tourists from abroad, the authorities allow you to cast your line. All you have to do is apply for the appropriate licence. This can be done before a trip, namely via an online form. This way you can get off the plane and run straight to the water.