Site-In v2 – Blue Simplified

Site In V2 Blue Sample 809x1024 5734483
Site-In v2 Blue Simplified


The Site-In v2 Blue Simplified Target is a custom target professionally designed by Bullet-Blog and is part of the Site-In v2 Premium Target Pack. This target is ready for home printing by recreational and enthusiast shooters and is available FREE to our members.

The Site-In v2 is great for siting in small and large caliber rifle cartridges such as the .223 Remington or .30-06 Springfield, as well as close range pistol siting with or without an optic attached. This target has an effective range of approximately 15-150 yards for Rifle with an Optic attached. When used for siting pistols, this target has an effective range of approximately 7-25 yards.

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