Renting a water slide – what are the advantages?

Renting a water slide – what are the advantages?

Water exerts a magnetic attraction on people. The cool water is a welcome change, especially on hot days. Even with the simplest of resources, children and adults can have lots of fun in the water. A few rubber balls, water pistols, an inflatable boat or mattress, etc. and the party can start. But if that’s not enough, you can add another level of fun. This is made possible with the help of inflatable water slides.

Inflatable water slides – what are their advantages?

Even the look of an inflatable water slide is magical. Due to the material and the filling with compressed air, great landscapes can be created. A castle, an adventure land or an obstacle park. All this is possible. And of course, slides with a breathtaking height are included.

The use is relatively simple. Guests can swim to the inflated islands in the water via special access areas. Alternatively, you can also access them by land. Or, another variant: you use the inflatable slide without water and supply water via a hose so that the surface is slippery and the catch basin is always filled.

This way, users can slide on their back or stomach countless times. All day long. And when the fun is over, the air is let out.

Where can you get an inflatable water slide?

Specialists, such as AZ bounce house rentals or others rent or sell inflatable water slides. They specialise in offering them for short-term or long term use.

What are water slides needed for?

It depends on the size. Frequent customers are parents who want to give their children a treat. For example, in summer, when there is extra fun to be had at the pool at home for a few days. Many also take such equipment just for a child’s birthday party.

On the other hand, there are the commercial customers. They think in larger categories and they are the ones who take the big models. First and foremost there are, for example, operators of bathing lakes or companies that take care of the supply of a beach area at the seaside. They guarantee the local administration that they will keep the beach clean. In return, however, they are allowed to set up snack bars, rent out sunbeds, etc. And then they also set up water slides, which are then used by bathers for a fee.
That’s why they like to use the full-service option and have such an aqua park set up by professionals.

However, it is often companies and businesses that set up an inflatable slide. For example, at public events to raise their profile. There, it is common to create special effects with the help of such utensils.