Poultry farming – ideal for self-supporters

Poultry farming – ideal for self-supporters

We live in a time where people are much more concerned about nutrition than ever before. Whereas in the past everything was treated with chemicals, today the desire for organic quality is much more prevalent than ever before. Generally speaking, people are more sceptical about the food industry than ever before. There have simply been too many scandals about food not always containing what was really supposed to be in it. That is why some of our fellow citizens even go so far as to want to grow large parts of their own food. To do this, they buy smaller farms in the countryside and start keeping animals. Especially poultry. We explain why this is so and show what you should look out for when breeding.

Why poultry farming is so popular

In Germany, the trend is for citizens to want to know more and more precisely what is in their food. They want a more sustainable life that is as much in harmony with nature as possible. Therefore, the fact that something is organic is not always enough for them. They would prefer to live in such a way that no industry is involved and that there is no packaging waste etc. in the process.

One of the best ways to do this has been to raise poultry. The reason for this is that chickens. They simply need the optimal chicken feed, and then they live happily ever after in an outdoor enclosure. Likewise ducks or turkeys and the like. There is also the fact that each animal is relatively light and can be easily transported. This goes hand in hand with a certain spread of risk. If you raise a cow or pigs, for example, you take the risk that such a large farm animal will fall ill and then die. This makes the meat completely unusable. With poultry, this risk is spread over many more animals. They can be housed in significantly higher numbers on the same area.

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Of course, the fact that poultry has the wonderful property of laying eggs is also very important. This also makes them interesting for people who want to live a vegetarian lifestyle and do not keep the animals for their meat. Eggs contain a whole range of vital vitamins and minerals. It is said that just two a day are enough to provide an optimal supply of nutrients for almost all important biological processes in the body. In addition to vegetables from the garden, eggs are one of the best food sources for those who like to put food on their plate from their own resources. Eggs also have a relatively long shelf life and are very easy to prepare for consumption. A few minutes in boiling water and the meal is ready.