Where Are All The Deer? Deer Hunting Season in SW Washington

Where Are All The Deer? Deer Hunting Season in SW Washington


Deer Hunting Season 2014 in Southwest Washington. A Slow Start. A Sad End

It was a slow start and a sad end to this years Deer Hunting Season in Southwest Washington, at least for me. With our local Deer Hunting Season ending this last Friday, you could say I am more than disappointed that I came home empty handed this year. There are many reasons as to why, not the least of which was available time to get out. Another of which is probably overcrowding in my local area.

Despite all of this however, I would have thought I would have at least seen a few Deer. I was confident that I was coming home with a Buck this year, but after going out 4 days, all day, from 5:30am until after sunset, the total Deer I spotted were 1. And it was a Doe. I couldn’t believe it, especially since last year it was just crawling with Deer in my area.

Deer Idaho 2013 300x200 7775575
White Tail, Idaho 2013

Southwest Washington Hunting

I spent most of my time in two different units in Southwest Washington, and of the time I spent in either, I barely even saw signs of Deer. It was basically me fondling my Benelli Supernova in the woods by myself (We are shotgun only in my County). This isn’t to say there weren’t any Deer, there is a good possibility that they have moved away from the areas where I was hunting and that I was just unlucky this year. I did hear reports of several locals taking down Bucks in various units, mostly 2 x 3’s and a few Spikes. I covered a lot of ground in those 4 days, about 400 acres in all, even found some good clearings, and got some nice early morning sun on a few occasions, but still, nothing. About 140 acres were private land used by a few others, and the rest was public State Land.

A Dissapointing End to a Slow Deer Season

It was a disappointing Deer Hunting Season for myself to say the least, and several friends I know as well. In fact, a few of them even traveled over to the Eastern Side of Washington State to look for White Tails and came back empty handed. This is extra disappointing especially after seeing all the trophy bucks everyone have been posting via Twitter the past few days. I couldn’t believe the size of the racks on some of these things! We mostly have Black Tail where I am, so we don’t usually see a lot of the big boys on the Western side of the State. Take a look at some of these awesome pics from @KCliffOutdoors and @DonedigginCraig via Twitter. Amazing!

Anyway, it’s just a rant. I was pretty disappointed in my Deer Hunting Season to say the least. Especially after dropping some significant cash on some new gear this year, I was so ramped up about getting out, only to be let down. I think next year I am just gonna have to take the whole month of October off work and camp out in the woods! At least I still enjoy hanging out in the woods in solitude, or even with a buddy. That part, will never get old.

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  1. westmixxin
    February 12, 2015 at 4:49 pm — Reply

    Since I was a young boy I’ve always wanted to go hunting but it seems as if the only thing my dad would allow me to do was go to the gun range I never actually been able to shoot a round into a live creature.

  2. maxprime94
    November 9, 2014 at 12:42 pm — Reply

    It’s funny you say this in your blog because I recently (couple weeks ago or so) just went up to my cottage for some hunting and I was unfortunately disappointed with my outcome. Its almost like their all still sleeping! I managed to get one deer for the winter which really blows as usually get 3-4 on my own. I am definitely hoping that I will have more luck in the spring because this season was embarrassing!

    • November 9, 2014 at 8:26 pm — Reply

      Tell me about it! Sometimes that’s just the way it goes.. A friend of mine was up North of me for a few days looking for some Elk, and out of the group of 6, they got one Bull. I keep hearing from several folks around here that their experience has been about the same. I don’t get it, last year they were everywhere. We did have a rougher than normal winter here last year, so maybe that had something to do with our local population.

  3. TPhoenix
    November 4, 2014 at 10:33 am — Reply

    That’s unfortunate to hear how much you were let down by your recent deer hunting experience, especially after traveling out far to find more than just one doe. I guess they were really taken down by the locals and in profuse amounts. You might have to be much earlier to it the next time. Also, interesting photos you have there. That’s pretty cool.

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Where Are All The Deer? Deer Hunting Season in SW Washington