Buy your own motorboat cheap – here’s how!

Buy your own motorboat cheap – here’s how!

Owning your own boat is a wonderful thing. Especially because it is tremendously versatile. But unfortunately, they don’t come for free either. Similar to cars, you have to decide which model to buy. And that is not always easy. That is why newcomers in this field try to save as much money as possible. Experience actually shows that you can own your own boat with relatively little financial outlay. We show how it can be done.

Why buy your own boat?

There are many advantages to owning a motorboat, because these little racers can be incredibly useful. For one thing, they are a means of transport that will get you from one place to another in larger waters. Furthermore, they are ideal for going fishing at any time. Of course, you can also rent boats, but in that case there is always a certain dependence on opening times and on what is actually available. And, not to forget, boats are great for families in particular. They are great for trips into the countryside. So there are plenty of reasons to have your own watercraft.

How to get a cheap boat?

There are two types of boats with engines. There are boats with an integrated engine and there are those that can have an external engine attached to the back of the bow. For those who do not want to invest a lot, we recommend the latter version.

The reason for this is that such an external engine can be purchased cheaply. Especially in shops where there are used boat motors for Sale or at least cheap Diesel parts. There you can buy one for a start. If it breaks down, simply take it away and get the next one. The loss in value is minimal.

If you use this approach for yourself, then you have the advantage that in the end you only need a boat of the simplest kind. More than a shell that floats on the water is then not even necessary. Vehicles with an integrated engine, on the other hand, are much more complex in their construction and changing the engine is incredibly complicated.

As I said, with an outboard motor, a solid, stable boat is enough. You can attach a bracket for the motor to it and then you can get started. Whether you need a special licence depends on local requirements. Sometimes you don’t even need a licence at all.


Owning your own boat is very practical because it gives you independence from a rental company. If you have the right strategy, the purchase can be made at a very reasonable price.