Reloading Components & Firearms Manufacturer Directory

Reloading Components & Firearms Manufacturer Directory

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Reloading Components and Firearms Manufacturer Directory

Reloading Components & Firearms Manufacturer Directory

The Manufacturer Directory is a collection of Firearms Industry Leaders in the Reloading Components & Firearms Realm. To start the Manufacturer Directory is small with just a handful of listings, but will improve daily. Currently it includes Manufacturer Contact Information, Company info, Social Media Links, and MSDS Information for things like reloading powders and primers. You can view the directory through the main menu, or by clicking HERE.

Who is included in the Firearms Manufacturer Directory?

Companies included are those who manufacture and distribute reloading components like powder and primers, firearms manufacturers, gear manufacturers, distributors,and retailers of outdoor sporting goods. Anyone who is connected to the firearms or outdoor sporting goods industries is welcome. To start, I have included many of the more well known manufacturers such as CCI, Hodgdon, Hornady, and Lyman to name just a few.


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Plans to expand the Firearms Manufacturer Directory

The directory will grow by a few entries each week, with the first area of focus being on reloading components. If you have any suggestions or notice errors in the directory, please email me at so that I can get it taken care of. Also, if you know a reloading components manufacturer that I have missed, please let me know. I would like to be as thorough as possible. I would like to grow this directory as quickly as possible, so that I can move on to more pressing matters for setting up this website. I do feel however, this is a crucial tool, and as I have been doing my own research it has helped me learn about the different manufacturers and the specifics of their products, especially regarding reloading components.

The point of the Directory is to create a central location of the top industry leaders and providers of Firearms, Reloading Components, Accessories, Gear, and Training. Eventually, the manufacturer directory will cross link with the Firearm Cartridge Library to provide additional information and resources for the readers. The Manufacturer Directory and the Firearm Cartridge Library both serve as a reference area to educate readers on various data, terminologies and industry information.



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