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Welcome to Bullet-Blog.com

Established in October 2014 as a creative outlet for all things Outdoors, Bullet-Blog is a resource for adventure. Bullet-Blog’s intended use is providing news stories, creative blog posts, industry rumors, instructional materials, and product reviews on a variety of topics every week.

That being said, the main reason I started this Bullet-Blog was to be an outlet for myself. Let’s just say recently I have had some built up energy and needed a creative outlet to unleash it upon the world! So in my (very limited) free time, I hope to put some of my generally ridiculous thoughts into writing for the world to gawk at.

Let’s be straight from the start, I would only take maybe 50% of what I say seriously, and that is on a good day. Most of what I write is laced with thick undertones of sarcasm and my own personal brand of humor, which seems to be mostly an inside joke with myself. That being said, I will always do my best to include accurate and complete data on subjects. I may joke a lot, but I would never intentionally mislead anyone or provide information that could possibly lead to misuse or harm from a firearm.

Most of the blog posts you will find on Bullet-Blog are personal stories and musings from experiences of myself, and others close to me. Hopefully I will be able to provide some fun and humors outdoor adventure stories, some (possibly) helpful tips and pointers from my own experiences, and recommend (or discourage?) some of the many products I have tested over the years.

Try not to take any of it too seriously, I certainly won’t!