7.65mm Longue

  • THE 7.65mm Longue IS ALSO KNOWN AS:

  • 7.65mm MAS, 7mm Long, 7mm French Longue, 7.65x20mm, 7.65L


    The 7.65mm Longue (AKA: 7.65mm MAS, 7mm Long, 7mm French Longue,7.65x20mm,7.65L) is a Center Fire cartridge with a Bullet Diameter of 0.309 in” (7.85mm) that is primarily used in Pistols. The 7.65mm Longue originated in The United States in 1917. The 7.65mm Longue also has a case length of 0.776 in” (19.71mm) and an overall length of 1.191 in” (30.25mm).

  • 7.65mm Longue CARTRIDGE NOTES:

    The 7.65mm Longue Pistol Cartridge was developed by Remington Arms in the early 19th century and closely resembles a 7.65mm Parabellum or 7.65mm Mannlicher cartridge in both case dimension and power in terms of velocity and muzzle energy. The 7.65mm Longue Cartridge was originally offered as the .30 Pedersen or .30-18 Auto in The United States where it was intended to be used in a converted M1903 Springfield Rifle and allow it to fire the shorter cartridges compared to the standard .30-06 Springfield cartridge of the time. The cartridge was eventually adopted by the French, who gave it the metric designation and used it in the French M1935 Pistol and MAS-38 Sub-Machine Gun.

    When examining cartridges, you may find Headstamp

  • The 7.65mm Longue Firearm Cartridge Originated in The United States

Cartridge Details

  • Year Introduced: 1917
  • Country of Origin: The United States
  • Case Type: Rimless, Straight
  • Primary Application: Pistols
  • Bullet Diameter: 0.309 in” (7.85mm)
  • Neck Diameter: 0.335 in” (8.51mm)
  • Shoulder Diameter: N/A
  • Base Diameter: 0.336 in” (8.53mm)
  • Rim Diameter: 0.335 in” (8.51mm)
  • Rim Thickness: 0.04 in” (1.04mm)
  • Case Length: 0.776 in” (19.71mm)
  • Overall Length: 1.191 in” (30.25mm)
  • Case Capacity:
  • Primer: Center Fire (Small Pistol)
  • Rifling Twist: 1:10 in (254mm)
  • Max Pressure:
  • CIP Pressure: 165 MPa (23931 psi)
  • CIP Proof Test: ~215 MPa (31111 psi)
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