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The 7.62x36mm is a (UNKNOWN) cartridge with a Bullet Diameter of (UNKNOWN) that is primarily used in Pistols. The 7.62x36mm originated in (UNKNOWN ORIGIN) in (UNKNOWN DATE). The 7.62x36mm also has a case length of (UNKNOWN) and an overall length of (UNKNOWN).


The 7.62x36mm is a unique underwater pistol cartridge that employs a dart type projectile and was intended in the HK P11 Underwater Pistol. The 7.62x36mm Underwater Pistol Cartridge is a German made cartridge created by Heckler & Koch in direct response to the Soviet made SPP-1 Underwater Pistol that fires the 4.5x40mmR round, a smaller diameter projectile of the same type. Both the 7.62x36mm underwater pistol cartridge and its counterpart, the 4.5x40mmR, are completely sealed for underwater use.

The 7.62x36mm underwater pistol cartridge not only has the distinction of being larger in size than the 4.5x40mmR, but was intended to be shot out of a 5 barrel HK P11 as opposed to the 4 barrels of the SPP-1.

Associated Firearms

HK P11

Cartridge Details

  • Application:
  • Pistols

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