7.5mm Swiss Army

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7.5mm 1882 Ordnance, 7.5 Ordinance Suisse, Swiss 7.7×22.5, 7.5 Swiss Nagant, 7.5 Schmidt, Swedish .295, 7.5mm Nagant


The 7.5mm Swiss Army (AKA: 7.5mm 1882 Ordnance, 7.5 Ordinance Suisse, Swiss 7.7×22.5,7.5 Swiss Nagant, 7.5 Schmidt, Swedish .295, 7.5mm Nagant) is a Center Fire cartridge with a Bullet Diameter of 0.325 in” (8.26mm) that is primarily used in Pistols. The 7.5mm Swiss Army originated in Belgium in 1882. The 7.5mm Swiss Army also has a case length of 0.89 in” (22.61mm) and an overall length of 1.35 in” (34.29mm).


The 7.5mm Swiss Army cartridge, also know as the 7.5mm Swiss Ordnance or 7.5mm Schweizer Ordonnanz, was developed in the late 19th century in Belgium as a Black Powder cartridge. The cartridge itself is interchangeable with the 7.5mm Swedish Cartridge, both of which are based on the Nagant system, the 7.5mm Swiss Army being an improved cartridge by Rudolph Schmidt. Originally adopted by the Swiss Army in 1882, being in service in both Switzerland and Sweden, the cartridge lived a short service life of about two decades until being retired. The 7.5mm Swiss Army started life as a Paper Cartridge before being switched to a more modern Full Metal Jacket.

Although commonly thought to be the same cartridge as the 7.5mm Swedish Nagant, they are in fact different cartridges, most easily identified by the head stamp and difference in bullet size. Energies in the 7.5mm Swiss Army fairly low, velocity clocking around 700-750fps at around 100 ft-lbs of energy from the muzzle with a 100-grain projectile shot from a 4.5″ barrel. This is identical to the 7.5mm Swedish Nagant pistol cartridge, which offers more or less the same load choices and both are on par with the .32 S&W Long cartridge in terms of power and accuracy.

Cartridge Details

  • Year:
  • Origin:
  • Cartridge Type:
  • Application:
  • Bullet Diameter:
  • Neck Diameter:
  • Shoulder Diameter:
  • Base Diameter:
  • Rim Diameter:
  • Rim Thickness:
  • Case Length:
  • Overall Length:
  • Primer:
  • CIP:
  • CIP Proof:
  • 1882
  • Belgium
  • Rimmed,Straight
  • Pistols
  • 0.325 in” (8.26mm)
  • 0.331 in” (8.41mm)
  • N/A
  • 0.331 in” (8.41mm)
  • 0.409 in” (10.39mm)
  • 0.06 in” (1.5mm)
  • 0.89 in” (22.61mm)
  • 1.35 in” (34.29mm)
  • Center Fire (Small Pistol)
  • 185 MPa (26832 psi)
  • ~241 MPa (34882 psi)

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