.25 ACP

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.25 Auto, .250 Auto Colt Pistol, 6.35mm Auto, 6.35mm Browning, 6.35x16mmSR


The .25 ACP (AKA: .25 Auto, .250 Auto Colt Pistol, 6.35mm Auto,6.35mm Browning,6.35x16mmSR) is a Center Fire cartridge with a Bullet Diameter of 0.251 in” (6.38mm) that is primarily used in Pistols. The .25 ACP originated in Belgium in 1905. The .25 ACP also has a case length of 0.62 in” (15.75mm) and an overall length of 0.91 in” (23.11mm).


The .25 ACP, often referred to as the .25 Auto, was created by John Browning in the early 1900s as an alternative to the .22 Long Rifle, in a semi-rimmed Center Fire configuration as opposed to the rimmed/rimfire configuration of the Long Rifle. Today, many Wildcat cartridges such as the Eichelberger Dart series are based off of the .25 ACP configured for both pistol and rifle use, mostly for varminting and small game.

Originally, the .25 ACP was created for use in the FN Herstal Model 1905 Pistol (Also known as the Fabrique Nationale dHerstal), located in Herstal Belgium. The .25 ACP was adequate for pocket carry and personal defense in limited situations but generally was considered too light and underpowered to be considered a true personal protection device, offering low velocities and energy that often came in under the .22 Long Rifle, although more reliable due to the Center Fire design. By today

Associated Firearms

Bauer Automatic, Bayard 1908, Taurus PT-25, Beretta Bobcat, Beretta 418, Plainfield CIA Model 71, Beretta 950, Colt Hunstman, Bernardelli Vest Pocket, Colt 1908 Vest Pocket Pistol, CZ 45, FN Herstal Browning (Baby Browning), Galesi-Brescia, Gaztanaga Destroyer, HK4, Hino-Komuro Pistol, TEC-22, J-22, JO.LO.AR (J. Lopez de Arnaiz Pistol), RJ Braverman Stinger, Korovin Pistol, Le Francais 1913 DAO Pistol, Lercker Pistol, Liliput Pistol, MAB Model A, Ortegies Pistol, LWS-25 Pocket Pistol, Tanfoglio GT27 (Titan GT27 or Targa GT27), Walther Model 9, Walther TPH, Walther Model 8 Cutaway, H&R Self Loader, CG Haenel Schmeisser Pistol, Mauser WWII Pocket Pistol, Ortigies 25 Cal, Webley & Scott Model 1907

Cartridge Details

  • Year:
  • Origin:
  • Cartridge Type:
  • Application:
  • Bullet Diameter:
  • Neck Diameter:
  • Shoulder Diameter:
  • Base Diameter:
  • Rim Diameter:
  • Rim Thickness:
  • Case Length:
  • Overall Length:
  • Primer:
  • Max Pressure:
  • CIP:
  • CIP Proof:
  • 1905
  • Belgium
  • Semi Rimmed, Straight
  • Pistols
  • 0.251 in” (6.38mm)
  • 0.276 in” (7.01mm)
  • N/A
  • 0.278 in” (7.06mm)
  • 0.302 in” (7.67mm)
  • 0.03 in” (0.69mm)
  • 0.62 in” (15.75mm)
  • 0.91 in” (23.11mm)
  • Center Fire (Small Pistol)
  • 25000 psi (172 MPa)
  • 120 MPa (17405 psi)
  • ~156 MPa (22626 psi)

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