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About the Firearm Cartridge Library

The Firearm Cartridge Library is a growing database of Firearms Cartridges consisting currently of 3 categories: Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun. Sections can be located on the right under the red box titled “Cartridge Sections”. Keep in mind, some cartridges can be cross platform/application and can be used in multiple combinations of firearms. An example of this might be the 9mm Parabellum or the .410 Shotgun Shell.

Under each section, you can filter results for the cartridge you are looking for. Most measurements given for a cartridge are listed in both Inches (IN) and Milimeters (MM). Currently, each cartridge contains a data summary and information sections for the following attributes:

1.) Name 8.) Bullet Diameter 15.) Overall Length (OAL)
2.) Also Known As 9.) Neck Diameter 16.) Case Capacity
3.) Year Introduced 10.) Shoulder Diameter 17.) Primer Type & Style
4.) Country of Origin 11.) Base Diameter 18.) Rifling Twist
5.) Case Type 12.) Rim Diameter 19.) Max Pressure
6.) Common Bullet Weights 13.) Rim Thickness 20.) CIP Pressure
7.) Primary Application(s) 14.) Case Length 21.) CIP Proof Pressure

NOTE: All information may not be complete at this time. I am always striving to uncover additional Data for as many cartridges as possible, and information will be added incrementally as it is researched. When possible, the first information researched is always that of SAAMI and the CIP. For additional information, please read the release post for the Firearm Cartridge Library in the Blog section.

WARNING: Data in the Firearm Cartridge Library may not be complete or always 100% accurate and should be used for informational purposes only. Data found here is collected from a variety of resources, and should always be compared to a professional reference resource or industry authority such as a Professionally Published Reloading Manual or Official Manufacturer Data.

INCONSISTENT, MISSING or INCORRECT DATA: If you find an error, have additional information on a cartridge, or find inconsistent data in the Cartridge Library, it is greatly appreciated if you are able to inform us of your findings and any reference you may have as to what corrections should be made. You can email errors to Please note your username in the email.

Cartridge Sections

There are currently 235 Cartridges in the Firearm Cartridge Library.
Shotgun Cartridge Library Database
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