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Bullet-Blog.com: Shooting and Outdoor Adventures

outdoor-adventures-blogAs I am setting up Bullet-blog, I thought it would be appropriate to write a quick post as to the nature of this blog as well as the intention and future goals. Bullet-Blog was created as an outlet to express some of my learning experiences in the realm of outdoor adventures and activities. It will also give me the opportunity to share some of my incites, knowledge, and hopefully a little humor along the way!

A Passion for Outdoor Adventures

Since I was young, I have had a strong passion for and sought outdoor adventures wherever I could find them. As the years have gone by, I have expanded my horizons into new areas and created new outdoor adventures. Some of my many interests are backpacking, camping, hunting, shooting, reloading, off-road, cooking, survival preparation, wood working, and building. But these are not all. In fact, some of many hobbies don’t even exist in the realm of the outdoors. As a kid, I was also quite nerdy, and loved activities like computers, video games, and technology. That has continued well into adulthood, and I hope that on this blog, I am able to combine these 2 sides of my nature into one.

Outdoor Adventure When I am Stuck Inside

I have a big passion for the technical side of things, as anyone who knows me would attest to. I hope that will play a role here at Bullet-Blog.com, as I have spent years compiling lists and data on all things outdoors, tinkering with gadgets, reading reviews, study ballistics and mechanics, and just diving head first into everything that interests me. As the years go by, my thirst for knowledge seems to grow and expand exponentially, and I expect Bullet-Blog will be a great creative outlet for all of this information overload! Many probably don’t think long and hard into the technical side of outdoor adventures, but there is a myriad of equipment, data books, and information regarding the great outdoors and especially shooting sports, and I hope to highlight many of those here.

I hope anyone willing to take the time to read Bullet-Blog will enjoy my insights into all facets of the outdoors, and sometimes just life in general. I will try my best not to ramble, but the occasional tangent is highly likely. Thanks for checking this out, I hope you stick around!


  1. I love adventuring in the outdoors and learning new things to help, I am excited to be a part of this blog now!

  2. I love heading to the outdoors. For me, that usually means walking on the trails or beach near where I live, but also sometimes other places, and I enjoy reading the articles here and learning more about guns and ammunition.

  3. There is nothing like enjoying the true breath of fresh air that the outdoors gives you. Bringing your pistol outdoors and going for ah hunt is so fun.

  4. I would love to hunt warthogs it sounds like ah great idea. The warthog seems like something that would fight back when you hunt it.

  5. We hunt warthogs and kudu here. It makes great meat and judt going out to do the actual hunting is fantastic and a great adventure.

  6. I can tell right off the bat that you are a outdoorsman. You enjoy the outdoors and do not mind going out and hunting for your meal. What have you hunted in your hunting experience? The weather is obvious something you get used to when you are out. I would like to use where.

    • I am pretty much a home body. In fact, I have never really spent much time off the West Coast. We mostly have Blacktail Deer and Roosevelt Elk right around me. There are also plenty of Bear, Wildcats and Sheep/Goat Species, some of which you have to travel to the Eastern side of the State for. Someday, I will broaden my horizons and get out a little further! :)

      • I never really went hunting out in the mountains. I have not seen a Blacktail Deer in front of me. I do not know what equiments were best. I just want to get though.

  7. My dad just recently bought a jeep and he is going off road soon but the terrraine is harsh and unfortunately we can’t all go. We have been up into the mountains and got to see the snow where we couldn’t drive before without the 4×4. There are some great outdoor adventures to be had!

  8. My family is big into the off-roading scene! I hope to get to read about some of your previous adventures off road! In fact last night we flopped our jeep of onto its side trying to get out of a little ravine we have on the property. All we had was ratchet straps, a couple jacks, and a few able bodies to push her back over! It was a blast!

    • Very Cool! We do a little trailin’ around here when we can. The truck is always a work in progress, sorry to hear about your Jeep. Lot of folks are big into Jeep’s & Toyota’s around and you can tell the ones that get the most time off-road by how beat up they are!

      • The jeeo is a great way to do the outdoors and there are so many issues when things go wrong with them. We have just added a snorkel and going to try a water adventure soon but we need a harppon for this one!

  9. What a great idea and I am sure that there is so much to add and talk about here. The great outdoors is fantastic and there are so many experiences that one can share.

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